C49 – Ottery CAN Combo

R425.00 R400.00

NOTE: The lead time on this product is approx. 1 week for now

* 1 pack will supply the essentials for a family of 4 for approximately 2 weeks.

* The food pack is fulfilled by Yebo Fresh and distributed in Ottery by the local Community Action Network (CAN). Recipients are carefully chosen by these organisations based on their income and level of vulnerability.  For more information, please get in touch:

At checkout, please select:

  • Billing postal code 7750 (Guguletu)
  • Shipping method ‘Deliver to Help4Ottery’
  • Delivery date: the next available Friday
  • You can pay by Payfast (preferred) or EFT. Yebo Fresh and Help4Ottery will take it from there!

The exact contents of the pack (e.g. brands) may vary depending on supply during lockdown, but the nutritional value and price will remain constant unless specified.

Thank you for helping a household in need!