C43 – The Prince of Combos


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G39 – Pilchards in Tomato Sauce Lucky Star 400g
D08 – Milk Full Cream 1l
G05 – Samp 2.5kg
G08 – Sugar Beans Red Speckled Imbo 500g
X06 – Sugar 1kg
G22 – Yeast 1 x 10g
X09 – Flour Sasko 1kg
G02 – Maize Meal White Star 5kg
B09 – Fusion Dairy Blend 1l
G67 – Macaroni Pasta Grande 1kg
X02 – Rice 1kg
G80 – Koo Baked Beans in tomato sauce 410g
G33 – Table Salt 500g
B01 – Coffee Nestle Ricoffy 250g
G20 – Peanut Butter Yum Yum Smooth 400g
G54 – Split Peas 500g
B11 – Tea Rooibos Freshpak 20 bags
G81 – Knorr Soup packet Beef & Onion
G30 – Stock Cubes Knorrox Beef 24 Cubes 0.24g
X18 – Soya Mince x 2
X04 – Oil 500ml x 1
H14 – Albex Bleach 750ml
H06 – Sunlight Laundry Bar 500g
T13 – Soap Sona 300g