Parow donations

We are so excited to be able to partner with such an amazing start up (Yebofresh) to take our little community food drive to the next level!
Yebo Fresh is an online shopping service specialised in township deliveries and the chosen partner for a wide range of NGO’s and Community Action Networks.

Please continue to donate regularly and feel free to share the link to this page far and wide! Our community of donors is no longer limited by the daylight hours on a saturday and the boot space of the Baby Blue Bentley.

Our current mission:

To provide a sustainable and regular supply of food donations to our partner food distribution initiatives. Our current partner, El Theos, is based in Parow and supports 65 families, 276 children and over 100 homeless people in their community with their key donors being a few religious organisations in the area.

In order to reach more families, and keep our current operations feasible we will require the following:

1. Current donors need to keep donating biweekly, in quantities which are sustainable for them to maintain.
2. Grow our donor network. In order to scale up contributions whilst adhering to point 1, we need to scale up the amount of donors contributing to the drive.

As we continue to grow our donor network and subsequently our biweekly collections, we may look to other partner distribution initiatives to help out even more communities – but that’s the dream, you’ve got to start somewhere!

How to place your order:
1. Select the product(s) of your choice
2. At checkout, please enter the following delivery address: 15 Oldham street, 7500 Parow, Cape Town
3. Select Payfast (preferred) or EFT as a payment method
& Yebo Fresh will take care of the rest!

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