Operations Coordinator

Yebo Fresh is an award-winning online grocery platform focusing on South Africa’s mass market. Our unique business model and partnerships with manufacturers allow us to deliver an unbeatable offer at an extremely competitive price point. We serve families, NGO’s, Schools, ECDs, and township food businesses such as Spazas and fast food restaurants.

For the customer, using Yebo Fresh means avoiding the hassle, cost and risk of overcrowded and/or expensive transport, long queues, and carrying heavy bulk goods. For FMCGs, working with Yebo Fresh means direct access into the mass market and a great partnership for direct deliveries, customer insights, product testing, POS marketing etc.

Position - Operations Coordinator

Ensuring daily operations at Yebo fresh as well as other projects are performed to the correct Safety standards and operational procedures at all times.

Key Role Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Ensure that all prescribed Safety and Operational Procedures are adhered to at all times.

  • Ensure all safety rules are enforced and adhered to at all times.

  • Ensure that daily toolbox talks are administered as per Yebo-Fresh standards requirement at all times.

  • Manage the security of all warehouse

  • Ensure all staff are wearing the required PPE for the area they are working in at all times.

  • Ensure that staff takes care of their issued PPE in order to get maximum lifespan from the PPE at all times.

  • Ensure that the daily target for raising and closing of tags are met.

  • Ensure Housekeeping and Forklifts audits are to be done every day as per the Yebo-Fresh procedure.

  • Ensure that all accidents and Incidents are reported to Yebo-Fresh management immediately.

  • Ensure that a full investigative report is completed and reported within an hour of the incident happening.

  • Ensure investigation findings are reported to HOO and properly explained with corrective action taken and mitigating processes put in place.

  • Monitor that the SHE Rep inspections are done accurately on a monthly basis.

  • Monitor that the First aiders complete their monthly first-aid box inspections.

  • Monitor stacking inspections are executed daily

Stock Control:

  • Ensure that all stock management and stock controls are in place as per the Yebo- Fresh operating standards and procedures. All controls are adhered to 100% daily.

  • Ensure that all warehouse shortages and damages are minimized with a drive to have zero losses and damages.

  • Ensure warehouse damages and breakages are investigated immediately, and incident reports completed correctly and concluded before the shift ends.

  • Oversee that all losses are declared immediately, and a full investigation is done in order to mitigate the loss at all times.

  • Ensure that corrective action is taken for all damages and losses.

  • Ensure all damages are written off and mitigating processes put in place to prevent reoccurrence.

  • Oversee that all stock received from Suppliers are booked in and checked against delivery note / Invoice and Yebo-Fresh P/O.

  • Spot checks in the warehouse are done throughout the shift to be completed regularly.

  • Monitor all materials / stock are physically checked and signed as 100% correct before accepting delivery to the Yebo-Fresh system.

  • Oversee that the “Block Stock” account in UL to the physical stock in the warehouse is balanced by doing weekly audits on all blocked stock items.

  • The “Blocked stock” is clearly marked and isolated in the warehouse.

  • Communication to HOO / HOP on Out-of-stock on file.

  • Oversee picking errors are investigated and the pickers must be monitored.

  • Oversee stock rotation procedures are followed, First in, first out (FIFO / First Expire First Out FEFO)

  • Oversee and monitor that receiving procedure is followed at all times Approves Block and unblock stock on request

  • Report all warehouse breakages or damages to the HOO

  • Oversee and monitor that Cardex system is updated daily (ensuring all bin locations are up to date for every transaction).

  • Do spot checks on all transactions in the entry books

  • Weekly audit or spot check Cash-up documents

  • All physical stock in the warehouse must match with UL

  • Post daily cycle count before 13:00pm and mitigating all variances

  • Oversee that Blocked stock is counted every Friday and ensure stock count is captured in UL. Stock posting to be done before 13:00pm

  • Assist in investigating and correcting stock variances and give feedback on all SKU’s with variances.

Process Control:

  • All stock is stacked orderly in the designated areas.

  • No stock is to overlap the bin demarcations at the back or front of the bin as per the correct Yebo-Fresh procedure standards.

  • All Batch numbers on stock are checked and labeled correctly.

  • Stock rotation procedures are followed in the warehouse at all times.

  • Ensure Cycle counts are done accurately daily.

  • Ensure Monthly stock takes are done.

  • Ensure that all other projects and processes are managed within the SOP boundaries at all times.

  • A daily briefing session is conducted with all employees reporting on his/her shift.

  • The briefing session should include a safety toolbox talk and an operational feedback.

  • Before the end of shift a full site walk is conducted with employees in dedicated areas to highlight and resolve issues and ensure full compliance to housekeeping and standards.

  • Daily cash up is conducted in accordance to the daily cash up SOP.

  • Ensure employees comply with relevant department SOP.

  • Call Off and delivery schedules to be checked daily and discussed during the daily DCS meetings.

  • Operations Manager and relevant parties are present for the daily DCS meeting.

  • Incidents and issues faced are reported immediately to his/her superiors.

  • All returns and Picked orders are conducted in accordance with prescribed procedures.

  • All receiving orders are received into the warehouse and booked into UL within 1 hour as per prescribed procedure.

  • All documents and processing of orders is up to date and completed.

Staff Control:

  • Manage, develop and supervise direct / indirect reporting staff including security, finance staff etc

  • Establish and maintain respectful and good working relationships with all staff.

  • Oversee the development of operational strategy in cooperation with HOO and other department managers.

  • Establish and maintain appropriate systems to monitor, evaluate and report on all operational departments.

  • Support the development of operational team members via ongoing coaching and mentoring.

  • Manage, motivate, train and continually develop the staff

  • Ensure that all staff are at work and attendance is 100% as per the Yebo-Fresh procedures. All absent staff to be reported and actioned immediately and corrective action to be taken consistently.

  • All overtime and acting allowance must be approved by the operations manager before work is done and an authorization note to be attached to the time sheets for payment.

  • Ensure all staff wear correct PPE


  • All administrative documentation is labeled and filed as per procedures.

  • All customer queries are attended to and resolved within 24 hours.

  • All staff adhere to safety procedures.

  • Safeguard all Depot documentation and Archive control procedures are followed.

  • All daily, weekly and monthly reports are up to date daily and ready for reporting on the required deadlines.

  • Daily DCS level 1 and 2 meetings and KPI measurements must be completed.

  • Ensure that all Safety legal appointments are done and up to date at all times.

KPI- Targets:

  • OTIF

  • Costs

  • Inventory Accuracy

  • Back order rate

  • Zero Stock loss

  • Key Control Framework Audit


  • Housekeeping

  • Damages

  • Safety


  • Ensure cross training of all staff on all positions as well as one level up.

  • Ensure training matrix are up to date.

  • Ensure KPI’s for month end reports are kept up to date.

  • Ensure Cycle counts are done

  • Perform cycle counts from time to time


  • Ensure one full stock count monthly is conducted, as per prescribed procedures.

  • Ensure preparations for stock takes are completed before count and all pallets are neatly stacked,labeled and one batch per pallet.

  • Attend all monthly stock counts

  • Participate in monthly stock counts

  • Ensure all documentation, in all areas, are ready for the Depot Audit.

  • Ensure that deadlines on all reports are met.


  • You may from time to time be requested to perform tasks outside your normal function, which will be to the benefit of the total operation team.

  • You are required to keep a high productivity level at all times.

  • You are to perform your duties with great responsibility and care as well as with loyalty towards your employer.

  • The success of this operation relies on the performance of you and your team and the correct application of all Safety and Operational procedures whilst maintaining a high level of productivity

  • It is required of you to work until your daily responsibilities are completed, which might result in you working longer than normally.

  • It is your duty to report any known misconduct or discrepancies within the operation, to management.

  • Expected Outcome:

  • Accurate and correct performance of all duties by all staff

  • On-Time completion off all duties

  • Efficient smooth operation of all areas

  • Customers and Management are informed at all times of any possible issues

  • High level of service to all customers

  • Zero missed loads Skills and requirements needed to fulfill the role:

  • Microsoft Office/ Excel

  • Great knowledge of Google sheet Personal Responsibilities

  • We care - for the customer, for each other and for the communities that we serve.

  • We give 100% - showing up on time, being present, going the extra mile and doing the best you can.

  • We make opportunities: we are entrepreneurs, we see possibilities and realize them, even when challenging.

  • We get better every day… together: we strive for continuous improvement, accept that we may make mistakes and learn, and work as a team to grow as individuals and as a company.

Contract Type: Permanent Employment Contract with a 3-months probationary period.

Reporting to: Head of Operations

How to Apply:

Send an email to liam.arendse@yebofresh.co.za before 28 February 2023 with:

  1. the(the role name) as subject.

  2. the body of the email explaining why you think you are suitable for this specific role.

  3. attached CV in PDF or Word document format

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