67 Days of Giving: Target Reached on Day 10!

Wow, we have already exceeded our target of R67.000 on day 10 of our Mandela Day fundraising project. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Please see below for a full breakdown of how much was raised for each organisation.  

As promised, we will match the amounts to deliver DOUBLE the value in groceries.  

OrganisationQty tickets soldZAR raisedTotal pledged (Doubled by YF)
Ikamva Labantu336R22,512.00R45,024.00
Hangberg pre-primary196R13,132.00R26,264.00
Home of Hope84R5,628.00R11,256.00
Lentegeur Soup Kitchen83R5,561.00R11,122.00
Ubuntu for Africa143R9,581.00R19,162.00

Some organisations have already started redeeming their budget, while others are in the process of deciding how to best spend their amount. 

We will keep you up to date on these beautiful initiatives via our blog and via facebook: www.facebook.com/yebofresh  and you can also expect some photo- and video footage coming up on this project.  

If you are one of the sponsors and would like to see a detailed breakdown of products bought by ‘your’ beneficiary using the 67 days budget, please contact us via [email protected] 

Now that we have reached our target, we will no longer be able to keep doubling the donations but we will keep the fundraise going. This means you can continue to buy tickets to be converted into affordable quality food, delivered directly to the beneficiaries. All organisations need help to keep doing their life-saving work and will be incredibly grateful for your support! 

Thank you again on behalf of our partner organisations and on behalf of all the families who will receive a nutritious meal because of you. 

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